Made in only 48 hours for Ludum Dare 37!

You need eat, sleep and etc. But to use stuff you need update bed/refrigerator etc. Be careful, router can destroy all your plans.


Move: press Left Mouse Button on floor to move.

Eat/Sleep/etc: press Left Mouse Button on refrigerator/bed/etc when close

Update: press Left Mouse Button on something what needs to be updated when close.

Reboot router: press Left Mouse Button on router when close.

So, control is simple. Just be close and press Left Mouse Button on everything.


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So the items take about 5 seconds to update. The router goes out approximately every 12 seconds, though sometimes it will go out immediately after rebooting. You get a sleepiness warning that lasts about 3 seconds before you lose. If you're across the house, and get a warning, you do not have enough time to get to the bed and sleep, and if the router goes out the moment you reach the bed, or the bed suddenly needs an update, you lose before you even know what happened. Maybe my playthrough attempts just had the worst timing ever, but this seems unplayable.