Simple hack&slash game. Just clear 10 waves of enemies. Not mobile friendly.


WASD - Movement
J - Attack
K - Dash

Or you can use gamepad: 

X - Attack
B - Dash


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The axe thrower wave was pretty tough compared to the others. It was quite easy to kite all of the other enemies into one easy space and spam attack against them. But the axe throwers don't really have an obvious window of attack.

Hitting enemies felt quite satisfying! I'd probably make a separate sound for hitting an axe rather than using the same impact against enemies. It would help with player feedback (as would some visual response to an axe being blocked) :)

Here my opinions

* Sometimes, the character does not attack where I am pointing
 * If you are against a wall, and more than one enemy comes to you, you get stuck        and die instantly
* Instead of restarting the entire game, the wave should start again

In general, the game is pretty fun, if you polish it a bit it can be a good fast arcade game :3